Brussels–Charleroi Canal Panorama, Belgium

The Brussels–Charleroi Canal, also known as the Charleroi Canal amongst other similar names, (French: canal Bruxelles-Charleroi, Dutch: kanaal Brussel-Charleroi) is an important canal in Belgium. The canal is quite large, with a Class IV Freycinet gauge, and its Wallonian portion is 47.9 kilometres (29.8 mi) long. It runs from Charleroi in the south to Brussels in the north. It is part of a north-south axis of water transport in Belgium, whereby the north of France (via the Canal du Centre) including Lille and Dunkirk and important waterways in the south of Belgium including the Sambre valley and sillon industriel are linked to the port of Antwerp in the north, via the Brussels–Scheldt Maritime Canal which meets the Brussels–Charleroi Canal at the Sainctelette area.

The Ronquières inclined plane is the most remarkable feature of the canal.


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