Balgarska Armia Stadium Panorama, Bulgaria

Balgarska Armia (Bulgarian: "Българска Армия", translated as Stadium of the Bulgarian Army) is the club stadium of the Bulgarian football club CSKA Sofia. It is situated in the Borisova gradina (King Boris' Garden) in the centre of Sofia. The stadium has four sectors and a total of 22,995 (18,495) seats, of which 2,100 are covered. The pitch length is 106 meters and the width is 66 meters.

The capacity of the stadium is divided in four sectors:

  • Sector A: 6417 seats
  • Sector B: 4889 seats
  • Sector V: 5689 seats
  • Sector G: 6000 (1500 seats)

The sports complex also includes tennis courts, a basketball court, and gymnastics facilities, as well the CSKA Sofia Glory Museum. The press conference room has 80 seats.


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