La Cisterna metro station Panorama, Chile

La Cisterna is a station on the Santiago Metro in Santiago, Chile. It is a transfer station between the Line 2 and the Line 4A, and consists of two stations, one built in an open trench and the other partially mined, which are joined by pedestrian tunnels. The station is part of a 2.2 km (1.4 mi) southward extension of Line 2 from Lo Ovalle metro station. It is named for La Cisterna, the district where the station is located and whose town hall is close to it.

The station on Line 4A is part of an embanked section at the middle of Vespucio Sur Freeway and is spanned by a bridge carrying Gran Avenida, whose central deck forms the roof of the mezzanine of the station.

The side platforms and tracks of the underground station are built within a mined 140 m (460 ft)-long tunnel, which is traversed by three tunnels containing a bridge over platforms each. The northernmost and the southernmost tunnels link entrances to the west with a large cut-and-cover box structure to the east, which includes the ticket hall and is adjacent to the Gabriela Mistral intermodal station.

Pedestrian tunnels, which contain escalators and stairs, connect the mezzanine level of the station on Line 4A to the northernmost portion of the open cut volume and the northernmost access tunnel that perpendicularly intersects the tunnel where Line 2 runs. The southern mouths of the tunnels joining both stations open at the same level as the bridges over the platforms of the mined station.


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