Hatzerim Airbase Panorama, Israel

Hatzerim Israeli Air Force Base (Hebrew: בָּסִיס חֵיל-הַאֲוִויר חֲצֵרִים‬, Basis Heil HaAvir Hatzerim) (ICAO: LLHB) is an air base of the Israeli Air Force in the Negev Desert on the west outskirts of Beersheba, near Kibbutz Hatzerim. The base was constructed during the early 1960s and declared operational on 3 October 1966. At Hatzerim is the Israeli Air Force Museum, which opened in 1977 and has allowed public access since June 1991. The IAF Flight Academy has been housed at Hatzerim since April 1966 and the IAF Aerobatic Team is located there as well.


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