Sde Dov Airport Panorama, Israel

Sde Dov Airport (Hebrew: שדה דב‬, lit. Dov Field, Arabic: مطار سدي دوف‎), also known as Dov Hoz Airport (Hebrew: נמל התעופה דב הוז‬, Nemal HaTe'ufa Dov Hoz, Arabic: مطار دوف هوز‎) (IATA: SDV, ICAO: LLSD) is an airport located in Tel Aviv, Israel which mainly handles scheduled domestic flights to Eilat and Uvda (a.k.a. Ovda), northern Israel (Haifa and the Galilee), and the Golan Heights. It is the largest airport in Tel Aviv proper, and the second largest in the area, after Ben Gurion International Airport on the outskirts of Lod. The airport is named after Dov Hoz, one of the pioneers of Jewish aviation. The airport is expected to close in 2019 after an agreement was struck re-purposing the land which houses it for residential apartments. Commercial flights will move to Ben Gurion Airport. The airport is a focus city for Arkia Israel Airlines and Israir Airlines.


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