Shalom Meir Tower Panorama, Israel

Shalom Meir Tower (Hebrew: מגדל שלום מאיר‎, Migdal Shalom Meir; commonly known as Migdal Shalom, Hebrew: מגדל שלום‎) is an office tower in Tel Aviv, Israel. It was Israel's first skyscraper, and was designed by architects Yitzhak Pearlstein, Gideon Ziv, and Meir Levy. When its construction was completed in 1965, it was the tallest building in the Middle East and rivaled the tallest buildings in Europe in height. To build the tower, the historic Herzliya Hebrew Gymnasium had to be demolished. The Shalom Tower now houses the Tel Aviv Center comprising a number of permanent and temporary exhibitions dedicated to the beginnings and development of Tel Aviv.


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