Karakol International Airport Panorama, Kyrgyzstan

Karakol International Airport (Kyrgyz: Каракол эл аралык аэропорту, Russian: Международный аэропорт "Каракол") (IATA: none (КПЖ), ICAO: UCFP) is an international airport serving Karakol, the capital of Issyk-Kul Province (oblast) of Kyrgyzstan. The Russian IATA code for Karakol International Airport is КПЖ.

Formerly known as Przhevalsk Airport until 1992, Karakol International Airport started its operations in 1940s. The current runway and terminal were built in 1978. On November 30, 2011, the Kyrgyz Government signed a decree and awarded an international status to the airport. Thus, it became Karakol International Airport.

On December 2, 2011, the first international flight landed at Karakol International Airport. SCAT's Antonov AN-24 from Almaty, Kazakhstan, was also the first scheduled flight since 1991 when the airport suffered a decline in passenger numbers. Until 1991, Karakol had regular links with Bishkek, Jalal-Abad, Osh and other towns in Kyrgyzstan.

It is a class 3C airport, meaning that it has no instrument landing facilities and operates only during daylight hours.

Karakol International Airport has customs and border control checks and serves both domestic and international flights. There are plans to starts flights to Bishkek, Jalal-Abad, Osh in Kyrgyzstan as well as Omsk and Novosibirsk in Russia.