Calmette Hospital Panorama, Cambodia

Calmette Hospital (Khmer: មន្ទីរពេទ្យកាល់ម៉ែត) or l'hôpital Calmette, located on Monivong Boulevard in Phnom Penh, is a public hospital managed by Ministry of Health and funded by the Cambodian and French governments. It is considered as Cambodia's flagship health care centre. The name of the hospital was derived from Albert Calmette, a renowned French bacteriologist.

Calmette Hospital was built in 1950 and received support from several French organizations. In 1998, it was staffed by 30 physicians and surgeons and 50 nurses. There were 250 beds, as well as surgical, medical, gynecology and obstetrics departments, along with a radiology unit (including ultrasound and echocardiogram but no computer tomography), hematology, biochemistry and microbiology laboratories for medical analyses, a central pharmacy and an outpatient clinic. There is also a 10-bed intensive care unit,

It is a fee-for-service hospital that offers a second tier of care for those who are unable to pay. The hospital provides health care services for the citizens of Phnom Penh (73%), surrounding provinces (17%), and to foreigners (10%). Calmette has approximately fifteen thousand in-patients per year of which 20% are emergency visits. Trauma-related injuries accounted for 47% of the emergency visits to Calmette in 2005. It was the most common reason for seeking emergency services in 2006. In addition, cranial trauma was the leading cause of mortality from the emergency department (accounting for 38% of the mortality rate).