Yanacocha Panorama, Peru

Yanacocha (Cajamarca Quechua: yana = "black, dark", qucha = "lake, puddle, pond, lagoon") is a gold mine in the Cajamarca region of the Northern Highlands, the poorest province of Peru. Considered to be the fourth largest gold mine in the world, it produced 0.97 million ounces of gold in 2014. The 251-square kilometer open pit mine is situated about 30 kilometers (14 km straight line) north of Cajamarca, in high pampa, straddling the watershed. Yanacocha is run by the Denver, Colorado-based Newmont Mining Corporation, the world's second largest gold mining firm and by Buenaventura, a Peruvian company. The International Finance Corporation (IFC) has a 5% equity investment lending US$150 million for mine development.


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