St. Elisabeth Cathedral Panorama, Slovakia

The Cathedral of St Elisabeth (Slovak: Dóm svätej Alžbety Slovak pronunciation: [ˈdɔːm ˈsʋɛtɛj ˈalʒbɛti]; Hungarian: Szent Erzsébet-székesegyház, German: Dom der heiligen Elisabeth) is a Gothic cathedral in Košice.

It is Slovakia's largest church and one of the easternmost Gothic cathedrals in Europe.

The record of the existence of Kassa (modern day Košice), dating from 1230, is connected with the existence of the rectory church. In the process of the settlement's transformation from a rural community into a town, all its periods of successes and failures have been reflected in St Elisabeth's Cathedral.

According to historical and archaeological sources, the present-day cathedral was built on the place of the older temple which was consecrated to St Elisabeth of Hungary as well. It was referred to in the document of Pope Martin V in the year 1283 and in the letter of 1290, which stated that the bishop of Eger Andrew II exempted Košice parish from the dean's sphere of jurisdiction.


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